the power of a great domain

Like many great one word domains, could have been used by just about any company. is no longer a candy store.

For years, was used as an exact-match, category-defining domain name.

Domain investor Rick Schwartz sold the domain name for $3 million plus royalties in 2009. The buyer set up a site that sold candy online.

Over time, that company found its bread and butter was creating a logistics and fulfillment system for refrigerated products. So it got out of the candy-selling business and transitioned to offering its logistics services to other companies. Andrew Miller recounted the story in DNW Podcast #320, at about the 26-minute mark.

A new company stepped up to acquire the domain earlier this year and it has nothing to do with selling candy. is now an NFT business focused on selling sports-themed non-fungible tokens. has been in the press a lot lately. In June, Major League Baseball announced a long-term deal with the business to sell MLB-themed NFTs. MLB has been sending promotions for NFTs on to its massive email database, including for an NFT pack drop later today.

Over the past few years, domains that were once exact-match, category-defining domains that would have been used to sell the product they describe have become brandable domains. Candy is one example of that. The key is connotation. When you think of candy, you think sweet. It brings up good memories. A thousand different companies could have branded as

Companies still buy domains for their exact match use:,,, But doesn’t sell carrots and doesn’t sell razors. Today’s top sales are words turned into brands, like (insurance), (entertainment), and Badger .com (crypto).

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