Three number domains can have a meaning.

A reader wanted to know what 3N domains are meaningful in Chinese, so I decided to go one step further and add a touch of romance. I did some research and compiled the following list of numbers related to this very important aspect of human relationships.

095你找我Ni Zhao WoYou’ve looking for me?
132一生爱Yi Sheng AiLove for a lifetime
147一世情Yi Shi QingAffection for a lifetime
230爱上你Ai Shang NiFall in love with you
240爱死你Ai Si NiCrazily in love with you
296爱走了Ai Zou LeLove is gone
456是我啦Shi Wo LaIt’s me!
520我爱你Wo Ai NiI love you
521我愿意Wo Yuan YiI’m willing
530我想你Wo Xiang NiI’m thinking of you
587我抱歉Wo Bao QianI’m sorry
596我走了Wo Zou LeI’m leaving
770亲亲你Qin Qin NiKiss you
880抱抱你Bao Bao NiHug you
886拜拜喽Bai Bai LouBye bye
918加油吧Jia You BaKeep it up
920就爱你Jiu Ai NiJust love you
992久久爱Jiu Jiu AiLove for a long time
995救救我Jiu Jiu WoHelp me

Go ahead and create your domain world of romance. Just remember one thing. Numeric domains have no intrinsic meanings. They become meaningless outside China because of the Chinese language dependency.

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