GoDaddy and Verisign get more patents

Companies keep building their patent war chests.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office granted two patents to GoDaddy (NYSE: GDDY) and one to Verisign (NASDAQ: VRSN) today.

The two companies are the most prolific patent filers in the domain name industry. GoDaddy has only used its patents defensively to date. Verisign previously said it was going to monetize its intellectual property, but then went quiet on the issue.


U.S. Patent #10715488 (pdf) is a continuation patent for Automated website generation via integrated domain registration, hosting provisioning, and website building:

Methods of the present inventions allow for generating and providing an enhanced domain name. An exemplary method may comprise providing an enhanced domain to a second party. The enhanced domain may comprise a domain name, a web space automatically enabled and associated with the domain name, and at least one application automatically enabled and associated with the domain name.
U.S. Patent #10713418 (pdf) is for Auto completing domain names comprising multiple languages:
Systems and methods of the present invention provide for one or more server computers communicatively coupled to a network and configured to: monitor a character stream; identify characters comprising a domain name request; identify a token in a language character map comprising the characters and associated with a language; generate, using a software translation engine, a translation of the first token into a second language; generate candidate domain names comprising: a domain name comprising the token; and a second domain name comprising the second token; modify, in real time, a user interface control to display the list of candidate domain names.
U.S. Patent #10715487 (pdf) is a continuation patent for Methods and systems for creating new domains:
Systems and methods for creating a new domain, such as a top-level domain or a second-level domain, make use of a Domain Manager that enables a user to enter data that is necessary or optional to implement the creation of a new domain. Systems such as, for example, a Registry and one or more Registrars, may use the data defined by the Domain Manager to create a new domain.

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