Auction winners should experience fewer pullbacks and can now snap domains in closeouts via the API.

GoDaddy (NASDAQ: GDDy) has made two changes to its expired domains auction platform that domain investors have requested for a long time.

First, it is tightening the timeline around renewals for partner inventory. The company says “reclaimed domains from late renewals will decline significantly” due to the changes. GoDaddy said there are still some edge cases in which a domain might be pulled back.

GoDaddy previously tightened the timeline for expired domains registered at GoDaddy, nearly eliminating pullbacks for that inventory after an auction winner won the domains. But it had less control of partner inventory from other domain registrars. With the change, the situation should get better for all inventory.

Second, GoDaddy is extending API capabilities for expired auctions. Some domain investors have access to an API that lets them bid on auctions. Access to this API has been limited for a long time, and the company said this was because it needed to make changes to the back end to accommodate more users.

As a preliminary step, the company has opened access to everyone to acquire closeout domains through the API. Have your eye on a domain but don’t want to trigger bot bidding? You can create a program to acquire the domain the moment it goes to closeouts.

GoDaddy’s newer pricing model for closeouts decreased the number of people “snapping” domains the second they went into closeout. However, the API can be used to not only get domains at the $50 mark but also to wait for them to hit a lower level, such as $11 or $5.

The company plans to extend API access to all auction types later this year, meaning you can fight other investors’ bots with your own bot.

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