Godaddy Just Made a Big Change – Will Your Domain Sales Increase?

GoDaddy just made a major change to their bulk search feature… Huge change! This change might lead to increased sales for domain name investors who have names listed on GoDaddy & Afternic with Buy it Now prices.

“So, what have they done?” you may be asking. GoDaddy has changed the results algorithm on bulk searches. Previously, bulk searches would result in unavailable domain names being listed on the bottom of the page and domain names available to hand register listed at the top. Now, domains available for hand registration are listed alongside available aftermarket names. The aftermarket returns displayed are exact match results only… No alternate TLDs and no suggested close matches are listed.  If you search words or phrases without indicating a TLD, the results will be strictly .Com. Nice!

The new bulk domain search function does not offer a filter to exclude aftermarket listings from search results. There is a “Price Low to High” filter which serves the same function, pretty much.

Will we be receiving a greater number of congratulatory emails from GoDaddy and Afternic in the coming months? I sure hope so! One key to this equation is the number of people actually doing bulk searches. It would be interesting to know what percentage of searches go through the bulk search gateway at GoDaddy.

It would stand to reason that the majority of those using bulk search are domain investors and professional marketers  As domain name investors typically look for low wholesale pricing, this update may benefit holders of very smartly priced domain names the most.

It will be very interesting to see where this update takes us.  Please do check it out at: and please do share your thoughts and feedback!

Claude Dauman