GoDaddy’s for-sale landing page wishlist

These are some great options but could be better.

You can forward your domain to a page on GoDaddy that looks like this.

Last week, Michael Cyger of DNAcademy posted a guide about how to choose from GoDaddy’s five “for sale” landers for your domains.

Five landers? Yes, I was surprised to learn that there are so many options. Four of them involve forwarding a domain visitor to a page on GoDaddy’s website.

Forwarding a domain directly to the purchase path on GoDaddy is a smart idea that I’ve heard people tell me about in the past. But I don’t want GoDaddy to advertise other domain options when I forward the traffic, which is the default for GoDaddy’s search pages. Cyger’s post shows that there are a couple of options to avoid this. One is to send the visitor to a GoDaddy auction page, and the other is to forward them to a page that only shows the premium domain for sale and no others (see picture above).

I like the latter option best. But there’s a weird drawback to this page: it doesn’t show the domain’s price.

GoDaddy representatives have said that the company tested buy now pricing on its main landers and found that having people fill out an inquiry form works best, so that’s why its official landers are set up without a buy now option. But I believe these tests were run a while ago, and not since the company switched from Afternic to GoDaddy branding on its landers. I think it’s worth testing again, at least for low-cost domains.

This would make it much easier for domain investors to point their domains to a GoDaddy for-sale lander.

Check out Cyger’s post, and read the comments there if your domains are registered at GoDaddy.

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