Marc Lore’s Latest Startup Launches on

The man behind and acquires for his latest startup.

Entrepreneur Marc Lore has an incredibly successful backlog of companies he has created, intrinsically linked to some of the best domains.

As CEO of Quidsi, Lore led the development of,, and until Amazon bought the company for $545 million in 2010.

Following the 9 figure Quidsi sale, Lore launched another e-commerce business branded around, a domain acquired from domain investor Garry Chernoff’s NetIncome Ventures.

A year after the business was unveiled, retail giant Walmart purchased the company for $3.3 billion.

After a stint working for Walmart, Lore is back with another venture and another premium domain.

Lore, along with baseball great Alex Rodriguez, former Walmart SVP Bart Stern, and Quidsi co-founder Vinit Bharara, has launched Mojo using

Mojo is best described as a “stock market” for professional athletes, allowing fans to buy and sell “shares” in a player based on their on-field performance.

While we won’t see Mojo’s platform until Fall 2022 at the earliest, we know that the company has been busy behind the scenes. Lore and his co-founders have hired 40 employees and have raised $75 million in Series A funding, revealed along with company plans in early March.

As for the domain name, Lore and his team secured this in January 2021, according to Jamie Zoch, who also noted that the asking price was “at least $1 million.”

Before the acquisition, was redirected to and had been for several years, suggesting to me that Elevate Credict, Inc. owned

Some digging brought me to an SEC from December 2021 filed by Elevate Credit. In it, Elevate notes on page 108 that “[…] in January 2021, the Company sold a domain name that was held for a gain of $949 thousand, included in Non-operating loss in the Consolidated Statements of Operations.”

Given that January 2021 looks to be when changed hands, it’s likely that this filing refers to the sale of

The $949,000 figure tells us that Elevate gained $949,000 from the sale, but this might be after deducting Elevate’s original purchase price (or what remained after amortization) for

Based on Whois history and data, it seems Elevate may have acquired in 2013, and in 2013, the company spent $449,727 on domain name acquisitions.

The exact sales price of in 2021 is unknown, but piecing together data from Elevate’s SEC filings would suggest that the deal was worth more than $1 million.

As a Marc Lore startup, it’s unsurprising that the company launched using an ultra-premium, exact-match .com domain. gives the company the perfect launching pad for an ambitious project.

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