Pigeonshit domains: Biggest .Bar UDRP ever on WhatsApp violations

If you want to see a list of truly pigeonshit domains, there’s a UDRP that involves not one but 154 violations of the famous WhatsApp mark. The case involves the following dot .Bar domains: 2021-whatsapp0n.bar 2021-whatsapp13.bar 2021-whatsapp1x.bar 2021-whatsapp2d.bar 2021-whatsapp8w.bar 2021-whatsappa5.bar 2021-whatsappeu.bar 2021-whatsappf9.bar 2021-whatsapph9.bar 2021-whatsappio.bar 2021-whatsappkx.bar 2021-whatsappq4.bar 2021-whatsappre.bar 2021-whatsappuy.bar 2021-whatsappw0.bar 2021-whatsappz8.bar 2021-whatsappzi.bar chat-whatsapp-com3z6.bar chat-whatsapp-com59l.bar chat-whatsapp-com6e5.bar chat-whatsapp-com6j9.bar […]

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