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Proposed Business Concepts for

  1. “Tea & Biscuits” – a cozy online tea shop that sells a variety of traditional British teas and biscuits, shipped worldwide.
  2. “Pub Grub” – a delivery service that brings classic British pub food, such as fish and chips and shepherd’s pie, to customers’ doors.
  3. “Royal Merchandise” – an online store that sells British royal family souvenirs and merchandise, including mugs, t-shirts, and commemorative plates.
  4. “English Language Tutoring” – a service that provides online English language tutoring for non-native speakers, specializing in British English.
  5. “London Tour Guides” – a group of experienced tour guides offering personalized tours of London’s top landmarks and hidden gems.
  6. “British Fashion” – an e-commerce store that showcases and sells the latest British fashion trends and styles.
  7. “UK Snacks” – a monthly subscription service that delivers a box of unique and hard-to-find British snacks and treats to customers’ doorsteps.
  8. “English Literature Club” – a subscription service that delivers a monthly box of classic and contemporary English literature, including novels, poetry, and plays.
  9. “British Comedy” – an online comedy platform that showcases and produces British comedy content, including sketch comedy and stand-up performances.
  10. “British Traditions” – an online platform that educates and celebrates traditional British customs and festivals, such as Bonfire Night and Morris Dancing.