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This 20 year old commercial real estate brand defines a very important segment of the market. You will find medical buildings in just about every city in the developed world. They range in size from small wood framed buildings to high rise towers.

In this paragraph, I’m going to discuss a few reasons why Medical Buildings are highly desirable commercial real estate assets.  Firstly, from an investor standpoint, medical buildings are considered, by many, to be very desirable income producing properties. Secondly, the rent rolls are typically comprised of stable tenants who don’t move around too often. Thirdly, there are always new doctors coming out of medical school to start their medical practices.  In conclusion, this is a huge opportunity for major players in the commercial real estate space or for start-ups with ambitions to disrupt the marketplace!

Here’s how can make a big impact on the commercial real estate space and the medical community:

You can create THE commercial real estate directory which focuses primarily on the purchase and sale of medical buildings.

You can create THE directory of medical office spaces available to lease.

You can publish THE directory of real estate services relating to medical building service and maintenance, including listings for; Contractors, Painters, Janitorial Services, Hazardous Waste Removal, Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical, Energy Services, Medical / Lab Gas System Maintenance, Fire and Safety, Radiology Repair and more.

There is an major opportunity here to create an very useful resource for the medical community which can be monetized on many levels. Don’t miss out! Secure the brand today and turn this vision into a reality, before someone else does!

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  • Average monthly searches: 1K – 10K
  • Competition: Low
  • Top of page bid (low range): $1.16
  • Top of page bid (high range: $4.56


First Registered: 1998

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