is latest two-letter domain to sell to China

Another two letter .com domain sale.

The premium domain has sold. According to the Whois record at Godaddy where the domain is registered, the domain was updated on September 16 and the owner is located in the Fujian Province of China. was registered in 1995 and I could not find any price information for the domain. Namebio has the following recent sales of two letter domains, so I speculate that the price for would be high 6 figures or more.


A lot of two letter domains are owned by Chinese companies or investors, and the reason was explained in my last article Why are 2L (letter-letter) domains so sought after in China?.

Domain Meaning Assistant reports 2660 Chinese phrases which can be represented by SZ as an acronym. Many of the phrases are well-known throughout China, as shown in the following examples.

Shen Zhen深圳City named “Silicon Valley of China”
Shi Zhuang时装Fashion, category defining name
San Zang三藏Monk in “Journey to the West” story
Shen Zhou神州Old name for China
Sun Zi孙子Author of ancient book “The Art of War”

As I have said many times, two letter domains are sought after by corporate China because they are not only short but can also help Chinese companies go global.

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