.Tech in the limelight this week as CES goes digital

Digital event means more exposure for CES.tech domain name.

One of Radix’s big wins for .tech was when CES began using CES.tech for its website.

It means that hundreds of thousands of CES attendees each year are exposed to .tech. These attendees are in .tech’s market, so it’s notable exposure for the top level domain.

Notable is too weak of a word. It’s incredible exposure for the extension. Maybe one of the best examples of usage begetting usage.

As impressive as this win is, I was a bit disappointed when I went to CES in 2017 and 2018. CES had little onsite signage for CES.tech.

CES 2021 just kicked off. This year the event is online due to the pandemic. It means significantly more exposure to .tech, delivering millions of .tech impressions this week.

The hub for all attendees is at digital.ces.tech (see image). Attendees will use this as a launchpad, meaning it will be open in their browser, perhaps throughout the event.

The coolest thing about this story is that Radix didn’t have to pay a dime to CES to get this exposure. In fact, CES pays for the registration. I always assumed Radix paid CES to use the domain, but it was actually an organic win for the registry.

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