This DomainAgents feature helped me close a deal

Free-form communication tool helped me close this domain transaction.

I just completed a domain name sale through DomainAgents. It wouldn’t have been possible without a simple feature that’s part of DomainAgents’ platform.

A potential buyer for one of my domains made an initial offer through DomainAgents. The problem for me was that I acquired this domain in the drop because I thought I might use it for my service someday. The domain name could be used for a podcast-related service.

Even though I bought the domain with my service in mind, I was willing to sell the domain for the right price. I just didn’t want someone to buy the domain name to create a service that competes with

One of the nice things about DomainAgents is that it allows you to add comments to offers and counter-offers. Through this free-form, real-time commenting feature, I learned more about the buyer and how they intended to use the domain. I shared with him why I bought the domain and my concern about selling it to him. He was able to assuage my concern, and we closed the deal.

DomainAgents isn’t the only platform to allow commenting between parties. But some platforms avoid it, ostensibly to prevent people from cutting the platform out of the transaction.

The only downside to DomainAgents’ commenting feature is that comments can only be submitted with a new offer/counter-offer. You can’t submit a follow-up comment without lowering your price.

By the way, if you’re not familiar with DomainAgents, the service charges buyers to submit an offer and gives domain owners $10 for responding to the inquiry, whether they close a transaction or not. Most domain owners accept the $10 via PayPal, but others decide to donate the money to charity. Last year, domain owners contributed $5,700 to charity through the platform.

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